• As a Veteran Owned Enterprise Delta5 Resources understands the responsibility not only to maintain its own high standards, but to raise the standards of the entire Veteran Community. As such, Delta5 Resources has pledged 20% of its profits to various Veteran outreach groups as approved by our Board of Advisors.

Charlie Phillip: Native American and Service-Disabled Veteran

Diversity Objectives

  • Delta5 is not only concerned for veterans, we also understand the challenges facing other underrepresented minority groups. Delta is committed to attracting and retaining employees from diverse backgrounds and fostering an inclusive, supportive environment.
  • Delta5 strives to build relationships with and purchase goods and services from certified diverse enterprises that can benefit mutually with Delta5 to achieve growth objectives.

Environmental Responsibility

  • Being environmentally conscious, we have dedicated ourselves to providing flexibility in the workplace.
  • Remote workplace capabilities for our sales and corporate employees to lower our carbon footprint.
  • Digital Workflows in order to limit our dependence on trees.

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